Alfalfa Dehy is high-quality Alfalfa that has been dehydrated and compressed into pellets, cubes, meal or similar forms. It makes an excellent feed and also an excellent natural fertilizer. Alfalfa dehy is:

  • High-quality alfalfa grown specifically for feed.
  • Guaranteed protein levels - 15%, 17% and 20%.
  • Field fresh vitamins, minerals and amino acids.
  • Beta carotene, Rumen By-Pass protein.
  • Maximum feed value in an easy-to-handle form.
  • Consistent quality - each load, every load.
  • Low moisture content for less shrink, less dust loss and more feed value than bales stacks or ground hay.
  • All natural feed.

Your best buy for...

Dairy: Research shows that high-protein alfalfa pellets (replacing up to 40% of the grain mix) can cut costs, maintain yields and increase butterfat. Replace up to 50% of the forage coarse-cut pellets.

Beef Cattle Feedlots: Coarse-cut pellets increase consumption, improve feed efficiency and increase gain without the losses and extra labor of ground hay. Fine-grind pellets balance low-cost rations with "alfalfa-factor" value.

Range Cattle/Sheep: High-protein pellets in range cubes improve utilization of low-quality roughage.

Horses: Nutritional value, consistency and appeal without dust make pellets and cubes ideal for even finicky horses.

Poultry: Pellets provide important vitamins and amino acids to boost hatch ability and egg production.

Specialty Animals: Ideal for specialty animals, such as ostrich, emu, rabbits, game animals, buffalo and deer.

Natural Fertilizer: Alfalfa dehy is an effective, safe, and easy-to-use alternative to commercial fertilizers. An excellent source of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and many micronutrients, Alfalfa dehy works great on flowers, vegetables, ornamentals, shrubs, and lawns.


The American Dehydrators Association was chartered in August, 1941.

The name was changed to American Alfalfa Processors Association (AAPA) in 1984.

On May 1, 2001, the AAPA merged with the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) and became the AFIA-Alfalfa Processors Council.

The AFIA Alfalfa Processors Council folded and the Nebraska Alfalfa Dehydrators Association was formed.

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